CJIS and the Microsoft Cloud

CJIS and the Microsoft Cloud

Having a cloud you can trust is important. Microsoft takes security and compliance extremely seriously in both the commercial and government clouds. An August 2016 article on the Azure blog, Not All Clouds Are Created Equal, addressed this topic in detail discussing the impact of a CJIS compliant cloud on Justice and Public Safety organizations. State and local agencies in 22 states (at the time of writing) can now use the Azure Government Cloud should they require CJIS compliance.

"Do you require CJIS compliance? Check out the Microsoft cloud."

If you are a government customer it is certainly worth taking the time to read the article even if you do not require CJIS compliance as it highlights Microsoft's commitment to continually improving security and compliance for customers. Also discussed are seven essential questions you should ask to help select the right partner for your agency to meet CJIS security policy. Questions include:

  • Does the cloud provider have experience with Justice and Public Safety and CJIS?
  • Is the cloud provider trustworthy and experienced?
  • What coverage exists for disaster recovery and reliability?
  • One that comes up with my customers regularly: Where are the data centers located?

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