Pragmatic Works Los Angeles BI Boot Camp

Pragmatic Works Los Angeles BI Boot Camp

Click to purchase a seat in the Pragmatic Works Los Angeles BI Boot Camp. Microsoft has a wide range of offerings in the business intelligence space and it can take a lot of work to figure out how they all fit together. The Pragmatic Works BI Boot Camp will walk you through a week of hands on activities that show exactly how each piece of the BI stack works. I will be teaching the class for all 5 days. We will start each day around 8:30 and wrap up between 4:30 and 5:00. We have developed hands on labs to do throughout the day. So as we discuss a topic, like loading a dimension, you will have a lab to help reinforce the information we just discussed. By doing short, focused modules followed by labs, we have found students retain much more information and are better equipped to apply the new skills back in the workplace. You will also be able to take the final solution and step by step lab material with you for reference. Our goal is to leverage our experiences as consultants to provide the best possible training.

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The week starts with the basics of building a dimensional model, the foundation of the data warehouse solution. Next we will use SSIS to combine data sources, cleanse data and ensure data integrity while loading the warehouse. After the data is loaded we will build an SSAS solution to provide users with drag and drop reporting functionality in Excel. Finally, we will talk about and demonstrate the different reporting options that are available. Whether you are new to BI, looking to expand your knowledge or just want to see how the world of data warehousing can provide value to your business, the Pragmatic Works BI Boot Camp has something for everyone. Click to purchase a seat in the Pragmatic Works Los Angeles BI Boot Camp.

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Pragmatic Works’ BI Boot Camp provides a hands on lab environment. In five days, you’ll build a fully functional prototype data warehouse using SQL Server 2012/2014 along with the complete Microsoft BI Platform: SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and Power BI. You don't even need to bring a laptop, we have you covered! Goals:

  • Learn the Microsoft BI Platform from top to bottom
  • Learn best practices of modeling a data warehouse
  • Become proficient with the BI developer tools that will accelerate your projects and improve your solutions
  • Return home ready to undertake the toughest BI projects for your organization


  • Creating the Data Model
  • Loading Dimensions
  • Loading Fact Tables
  • Package Deployment
  • Cube Design
  • Creating MDX Calculations
  • Creating KPI’s
  • SSRS Reports
  • Power Pivot
  • Power View